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Session Information

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Please pick a date for your newborn or maternity sessions. Please also let me know your due date


If you are booking a newborn session, keep in mind that they can last up to three hours. Newborn sessions are typically done between 1-3 weeks. As your baby gets older it is harder to get the photos that you see on my site.  

Be sure to add Tammy Patton to your list of contacts to send out as soon as your baby is born -- this allows your photographer to rearrange the schedule as necessary to accomodate an early, or late, baby.

Day: Month: Year:

Are you interested in doing just baby photos are also family images? Please list who will be in the photos and ages of children if they will be attending. 

Will you have anybody with you at your session?

Please let me know if a significant other, friend, relative, etc. will be joining you and if this person will be in any of the photos with you? The session is done in a small room and there may not be room for everyone to watch the entire session. We usually do family and sibling photos first that way the rest of the family can go have lunch or go to the park. 


Do you have any specific poses or photos you are wanting if possible. Tammy has so many ideas so if you don't have any that is fine because she will have a ton. 

If you are requesting a newborn session, please keep in mind that while we will make every effort to get a family photo during your newborn session, the priority will be on the newborn. Newborns are not always going to be cooperative enough to fit your tight schedules, however, we will be as flexible with our schedule as possible to attempt to get the photos you want to record this momentous occasion.

Please indicate what colors you would most like used during your session:






<input type="checkbox" data-cke-saved-name="Use red colors" name="Use red colors" "="">Reds





No Preference


Maternity Session Information
Do you have a color preference for your gowns? Sleeves (short/long), Strapless? No particular clothes wanted
Newborn Session Information
Would you like any musical instruments, memorabilia, or sports items in the photo?
No personal items will be in the photo.

Please tell me the colors of your baby's nursery and describe how it is decorated. If you'd like to include some photos of the room for me to see, please include them in the next few fields.

Please send a picture, or pictures, of your nursery, attach them to the email that appears after you submit this form.

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